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Welcome to our Artist Page 
creative indivivduals who painted and photographed
images for our gift packaging designs

Cristen Craven Barnard is perhaps best known for her painting of the legendary "Deal at the Crossroads" (see print below), but she has also earned honors for her mural work and blues festival T-shirt designs. She is a self-taught artist residing in Tutwiler, Mississippi. The town where the so-called "Father of the Blues" W.C. Handy first heard the blues in 1903. Cristen began her artistic endeavors as a child, drawing on brown, butcher-wrap paper in her family's grocery. She's certainly come along way. Cristen also does commission work and portraits.

Cristen designed our Delta Blues image and our Delta Cotton. We are very fortunate to have Cristen's images on our products and look forward to other designs from Cristen.

Delta Blues   Bluesman   Cotton   Memphis Rocks   Delta Catfish  Mississippi Riverboat



Maude Schuyler Clay lives in Sumner Mississippi. Her photographic work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, The London Observer Magazine and other books.  Maudes Delta Scenes - Dog on a Log and Dog in the Fog - give you a unique look at the Mississippi Delta.  Dog on the Log gravure can be seen in the Alluvian Hotel in Greenwood Mississippi and each photograph is featured in her book Delta Land. (available on We are honored to have Maudes work on our gift tins and gift bags.

Dog in Fog   Dog on Log


Tootsie Hamrick from Houston Texas gives us an wonderful Magnolia image which she painted on canvas in oils. We wanted an image of a Magnolia to represent the State flower of Mississippi and Tootsie did an excellent design. We are very pleased to have her work represent our State.




Robert Dawson started his romance with the West in 1978 while working for Columbia Pictures Television in Idaho. Since then Robert has traveled extensively throughout the West either on assignment or shooting stock. His unique panoramas are used by major clients in every market. He approaches each assignment with imagination and professionalism. His goal is to seek out unique angles and lighting which act as dramatic backdrops for product or client identification pieces. Attention to detail extends to all client interactions as well. We are very excited to have one of Rober's photographs represent our products and look forward to other photographs in the future. You can view Robert's works at

Man's Best Friend



Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr.

When Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr. is not at as his "real job" you'll find him in a swamp photographing wildlife. A self-taught photographer, he has turned his hobby into a part-time job with his work being published over 900 times in national, regional and state-wide publications. In 1993 he received national recognition when his image of an immature least bittern, taken on Ross Barnett Reservoir, was selected from over 2,000 wildlife calendar photographs and awarded the "Grand Prize for Wildlife" by the Roger Tory Peterson Institute for Natural History. Since then his work has appeared on 9 Mississippi Duck Stampsand 10 Mississippi Sportsman's Licenses. A true outdoorsman, Joe Mac works with and supports numerous organizations including Ducks Unlimited, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Mississippi Wildlife Federation, Delta Wildlife, Wildlife Mississippi and The Nature Conservancy, just to name a few. His first book, In The Southern Wild, published by University Press, was released in the Fall of 2003.

Visit Joe's Web Site at 
Blue Winged Teal   Wood Duck   Black Lab

Gary Montgomery - Artist      
Gary Montgomery's heritage is Seminole, and he currently resides in Oklahoma.Gary found traditional Indian painting techniques too limiting as he was not interested in creating historically accurate paintings. Gary turned towards the naturalistic, representational paintings of "Romantic Realism". Gary says, I paint the omens, lengends & truths of the Native American in an environment of 100-150 years ago. Gary is related to Seminole medicine man Pete Miller, and attempts to express the spiritual nature of his subject. Gary works in oil, acrylics, pencil, pastel and charcoal & prints.
Gary has exhibited extensively at the Aspen/Snowmass Celebration for the American Indian, the American Indian Exposition, the Colorado Indian Market, the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market, etc. In 1992 Gary participated in the Franco-American Exhibit in Rennes, France.Gary has won numerous awards for his artwork at the American Indian & Cowboy Artist National Western Art Exhibition, the Trail of Tears Art Show at the Cherokee National Museum, the Competitive Shows & Masters shows at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials, the Red Earth Festival, and the Seminole National Museum.

Warrior Society

Langdon Clay who fashioned and photographed many of our gift tins and products

Melissa Wolowicz who fashioned and photographed our gift bags